Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Untaming of the Unicorn...

Today while listening to The Bert Show, I got so angry about the topic they were discussing that I almost drove off of the road trying to change the station. Now normally, I don't get emotional about these types of things, but this was different. The host was reading an article recently written by a man named Preston Waters titled, "Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns." It can pretty much be summed up like this:

Women are bad and no longer have morals or respect for themselves. Men want to sleep with everything that walks but want to marry a good girl with morals, standards, self-respect, and a hymen which is about as rare as a unicorn, according to him. However, if they do find a unicorn, they will cheat on her because she will bore them.

No really, click the link below and read the article...I'll wait.

Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns

Now, allow me to tell you why this is complete and utter crap. With the exception of the whole hymen being intact thing (hey I was married), I have always been what is considered to be a good girl... a unicorn, if you will. I don't have sex with random strangers. I don't steal, cheat, or do drugs. I have done and do charity work. I don't rely on any one to take care of me and as a bonus, I'm pretty freaking funny too.

You know what that got me. Single. Why? Because of men. You guys don't know what the hell you want. Part of it is from the wussification of the American male. Many of you can't hold a job (or won't). You have no idea how to be adults. Just because you live on your own (maybe) and have a job (maybe), that does NOT make you an adult or a grown up. Women are tired of being the good little girl that you seem to want. Why? Well allow me to use your own words, Preston:

"But then there is the other side of the spectrum, that when we do actually find a unicorn and settle down, our ego gets a bit ahead of ourselves and we find them a bit too boring for our liking, so we decide to cheat. It’s like a double-edged sword. You realize it wasn’t getting the unicorn, but rather attracting something you thought never existed. It always is about the chase and never about the perfection of the woman. And that is the mindset of men in the 21st century.
What we look for is a lady on the street and a freak in the bed, as Ludacris once explained."
You may have noticed that women aren't exactly lining up to get married anymore. There is a reason for this. See marriage used to be about partnership. Whether it was the Caveman era of men hunting and the women gathering or the 1950's when most women stayed home, took care of the house and children while the man went out and worked all day to earn the money, it boiled down to teamwork. Somehow, we have gotten away from that.Today, women not only spend all day working, they have to come home, take care of the house and children, be a sex goddess in bed, and take care of their man. This is not just merely my opinion, but that of several women, including a large majority of my married friends that claim their day goes something like this:

Woman's day: Get ready (and possibly get children ready). Go to work for 8+ hours. Come home from work. Stop at grocery store to get something for dinner. Make dinner. Clean house. Do laundry. Do dinner and breakfast dishes because for some reason, most men think that when they take a dish and place it in the sink a little fairy comes, washes them and puts them away so that they will magically be in the cupboard the next time you need them. Pay bills. (If you have children do homework, take to any sporting things, make sure they are relatively clean). Make sure all lights are off, doors are locked, blankets are folded, etc. Sit down with something to drink and get shit for what you want to watch because it's "stupid". Go to bed. Possibly have sex. Oh, and I forgot to throw in shopping for any birthday gifts or getting ready for any holidays that may be approaching which she will most likely lie awake half of the night trying to remember if there is anything else she is forgetting.

Husbands (or boyfriends) tend to wake up, go to work, come home, lie on the couch or do some sort of activity they enjoy like gaming, watching Sports Center, or tinkering with a car. Eat dinner. Return to the couch or activity. Go to bed. They don't want to do chores because it's not "fun"(really, because we would rather dust and vacuum than go out with our friends or get a massage any day) or they feel we should ask them to do these chores (hey buddy, it's your house too, I'm not your mother. Get off your ass!)

Now, before all of the men out there get their panties in a wad, allow me to say, I do understand that not all of you are like that. Some are single fathers and others do help their wives/girlfriends. But, being a member of the dating world, ex-married world, and now, happily single world, and also, having eyes and ears, I can tell you that those men are few and far between.

For a long time, it was expected that the woman would support the man's goals and the woman's goals would be put on the back burner because, well, the man made the money and the woman's "job" was to be emotionally supportive and encouraging for the betterment of the family. They would compliment each other, go places, and do things like join bridge clubs.

But then, something changed. Women started entering the work force and I'll admit it, in a way, we screwed ourselves. Guys were like WOO-HOO! This is great. All of the burden of providing for the family no longer falls on me. While women thought, sure! I can help with the bills...and he will help with the housework and kids.

This is where there was a breakdown in communication.

See, that didn't happen. And again, I am willing to claim some responsibility for that too...just not all of it. As women, growing up, a lot of time, you heard things like, "Don't bother your father with that. He worked all day" or "You can't expect a man to remember things like birthdays and anniversaries. They aren't into that kind of stuff." Yep, we made excuses. Some of us even went so far as to get offended when a man would ask us out and then not allow us to pay our share of the date. After all, we were making money. We should be on an equal playing field. Woo-hoo for women's lib!


Now, not only do men not offer to pay but, in many instances, they don't even offer or make up an excuse as to why they can't pay their share. I cannot tell you the number of women I know that have gone out with a guy only to be told oops he forgot his wallet or to have him get the uncontrollable urge to use the bathroom as the cashier is ringing up dinner or movie tickets. This guy usually relies on the woman feeling bad for him, buying his bullshit, or being too embarrassed (or just plain shocked) to call him on it. The same goes with birthdays. They don't have money to buy their woman a gift, but have enough money to go out drinking with the guys or buy a new video game. I can tell you with relative certainty that at least 3 men that I dated for a decent period of time could not tell you my date of birth, how many brothers and sisters I have, or, if I even have any. They never asked about my dreams or ambitions even though I constantly asked and tried to support their's.

Now you can say, well, you shouldn't date those type of guys, but what you don't understand is a lot of men are like mini con-artists. They act one way in the beginning. They are doting and may even be romantic, and tell you how beautiful or smart you are and then pull a sort of bait and switch on you. They turn into this lecherous slack ass that puts you down or tries to demean you. And the nicer girl you are, the worse it seems to be because they seem to view you has an easy mark.

So, we got sick of it and realized we were becoming the men we wanted to marry. We pay our own rent/mortgages. We buy our own things. We take care of ourselves, and frankly, we are tired of dating (or marrying) men that expect us to be a maid, mother, freak in bed, nanny, cheerleader, and financial contributor when we get nothing (or very little) in return. Seriously, men want their women to wear sexy lingerie, maybe do a strip tease every once in awhile, etc. But, men, what have you done to prep for sex? Seriously, we are lucky if we even get a little bit of foreplay and then most of you bitch about having to do that. And sorry, but pulling off your clothes, lying down, and saying, "Hop on" does not count as foreplay.

With all of the crazy porn mags,websites, and lies their buddies tell them, men expect their women to be more and more freaky...but at the same time, they don't want her to have done anything to get that experience or worry about what else or who else she might have done. If a woman is a virgin she is a prude. If she enjoys sex, she is a slut. If we are inexperienced, you are bored with us. If we are knowledgeable, we must be whores. If we dress provocatively we are hookers. If we dress conservatively, you ignore us. We are tired of trying to figure out what you want. So we stopped trying and started thinking about what we want.

Now we dress for us. We make our own money. Buy our own things. And aren't going to put up with you telling us that your dreams are more important than our's  or that you don't have to do things like buy us cards or flowers because that's "not your thing". You know what, if it isn't your thing, that means we don't have to do it for you. But if it is our thing, then every so often, you should do it for us. Not because we made you, but because you want to.

Men need to stop asking how a woman should be a woman and worry more about how a man should be a man. Stop questioning what we bring to the relationship and start asking what you bring. Do you have a job? Goals? Manners? Good relationships with friends/family?  Do you do anything to better your community or the world? Are you capable of monogamy? Are you a cheerleader for your wife(or girlfriend) or kids? Do you make an effort in bed?

I like sex...and I'm not ashamed of it and neither are 90% of my friends. It is a great stress reliever, a way to connect with someone, it makes you feel sexy, boosts your mood, and it's fun. I am not going to act like Mother Theresa and take a vow of abstinence while I wait for a great guy to come along...a unicorn if you will. And, not that there have been a lot but I have had lovers and I chose them very carefully. I'm not out picking up strangers every night in a bar but that said, have I ever sent someone I have a relationship with sexy pictures of myself or sexted? You bet your ass I have. I'm not posting it on Facebook or sending them to every person I meet because that's not who I am. It doesn't mean that isn't what works for someone else. Who am I to judge? Maybe that makes someone feel sexy. Maybe someone doesn't have the time for a relationship and would rather get involved with a stranger than risk screwing up a friendship with sex. It's not my place to judge what works for who just like it isn't your's.

Women shouldn't be (and aren't) making apologies for being strong, independent, sexual beings that know what we want. It's not that we've lost respect for ourselves. It's that we've found it. There are always going to be people that share too much in some people's opinions and don't share enough in other people's opinions. The thing is, if you care about what everyone else thinks is right and wrong, you are going to have a pretty miserable life. What's right for one person may not be right for another. But one thing we can't do is worry about what men want because the truth is you are fickle as hell and all want something different depending on the day.

Men (and their mothers) used to have a saying: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Well in keeping with the barnyard animal theme, women came up with one of our own: Why by the whole pig when all you want is some sausage? Or in this case...a little horn?


  1. "Men need to stop asking how a woman should be a woman and worry more about how a man should be a man."

    Exactly!! What a great point!

  2. Preach it Sistah!!