Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Video Post -

OK, so this is a little different from my regular posts. I decided to throw these on tonight because well, 1) I have already made them and 2) I don't want to watch anymore election crap. Tell me who won and lets get back to cleaning up the country!

Anyway, if you guys are bored I'd be interested in your thoughts. I am going to try to post some links below that I have posted on my FB author page. I still get nervous doing them. Let me know what you think. 3 are about relationships and 1 is about how to deal with Ocular Migraines- I'll let you figure out which ones are which. The break-up and migraine one are more serious, the other two will have some of my usual sarcasm infused;)

How To Get Through A Break-up:

Great Date to Total Flake:

Where To Meet Men:

Pain, Pain Ocular Migraine:

I'm off to support my favorite party...the cocktail party! I encourage you to do the same. Cheers!


  1. Hey silly girl...your first two vids are the same thing!! Just saying...

    1. Well, I did use to be blond, Chuck. LOL

      Ha! Thanks for telling me. I just fixed it. It should be right now. Every once in awhile the blond still seeps out ;)

  2. I'm worried that the first link I clicked was "Where To Meet Men".

    1. Hey Addman, what YOU do when no one else is around is your own business ;)However my advice on where YOU may want to meet men may be different than where I might send females. LOL

  3. Great idea with the videos. You should do them in a bathing suit - KIDDING!! I took a risky chance on that just for a laugh. I hope it didn't backfire lol.

  4. What do you mean your kidding?!? You don't think I COULD pull off a bathing suit?

    Rock. You. Hard place. (Now, finagle your way out ;) LOL

  5. Now do you think I would have said that If I knew you couldn't pull it off? Wow, that sounded dirty didn't it?


  6. You're braver than I am. Then again I have a face that's perfect for radio. If only I didn't have a voice that's perfect for silent pictures.