Thursday, January 3, 2013

Granny Get Your Gun

You know one of the the things I love most in the world is a feisty Granny.

The other day I was watching the news, something I normally avoid doing at all costs, but it came on after a show I was watching and I was too busy to change the channel because, once again, I was explaining to Anakin (my husky) the difference between the cat and his chew toy which he has found if you bite down on just right, will both make the same squeaky noise.

Anyway, the reporter is interviewing this Granny who, of course, knowing she was going to be on the news, is in her typical Grandma snap down the front robe complete with matching pink slippers. The interview went something like this:

Reporter: "So when did you notice something?'

Granny: "When I looked out the window and saw him standing there. I said, ' What da hell you doin'? ' "

(This is my favorite part)

Granny continues:  "He said, 'I'm washing your window. I said, 'Witha brick?!?' So I shot him. I don't know if I hit'em but he was walkin' away from the house moving real slow, so I shot him again. Then he was movin' even slower. Damn fool. I don't know where he went but wherever it was it was slow."

You go Granny!

Hope ya'all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!


  1. Hey Shay....sorry for my neglect.

    Old grannies are funny as hell. I remember when we were visiting my grandma and my dad and I were watching TV when she walked through and farted and her colon fell out on the floor.......those were the days...

    I wonder if I'm in your book....


      I wonder if you are in there too. I have to check since it won't be under Barfly...which I believe should be your legal name ;)

  2. That is the funniest thing I have read in recent memory. Grannies and their guns...made for TV!

    1. Thanks, Chuck! I had another story too but I didn't want to make the blog to long That would have made my male readers squirm, but it was pretty funny too. Gotta love feisty grannies!

  3. Haha! She's like the Dirty Harry of grannies!
    Can you imagine her thought process?
    "He's moving too slow, let me shoot him." "Huh, why's he moving so slow? Let me shoot him again."

    Favourite line, "He said, 'I'm washing your window. I said, 'Witha brick?!?' So I shot him".

    1. That was my favorite line too! I couldn't help but laugh.