Monday, January 30, 2012

Blogging from A-Z Challenge

Alright all of you bloggers out there. While some of you have been staying on your toes and being good little bloggers, many of you have been slacking since the holidays. Well, it's time to get off your butts and do some actual writing. The time for being lackadaisical and phoning it in is over. I present to you the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

Beginning Sunday, April 1st Blogging from A-Z is challenging all writers and bloggers alike to write a blog for each letter of the alphabet. Don't panic! You can do this. Start getting your ideas together now. Personally, I have a list of all of the letters and every time I have an idea for one, I write it down. Then whenever you have time, you can start writing blogs, keep them in a file and post them on the correct day in April. A-Z has even been nice enough to give you Sundays off with the exception of the 1st Sunday of the month which kicks off the challenge.

So if you have been feeling uninspired or just haven't been able to conjure up something worth writing about because of restricted blood flow to your head as a result of your New Year's diet resolution, here's your chance to dust off the old brain and get back into the swing of things. No more excuses! Going on vacation? Having a baby? Busy with family? No worries. You can set it up so that your blogs post automatically on the correct days.

Go to and sign up now. Doing this challenge will not only help you learn to meet a deadline, but will also give you the exposure you have been hoping for since you started blogging.

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Good luck and have fun!


  1. I signed up for this myself. I can't wait for April to come. I might steal your idea for having a list of letters and writing in topics as they come. That way I won't be caught off guard come April.

  2. YAY! Good, I'm glad. I have never done it, so it will be my first time too.

    BTW, started reading your blog, but was at work and my boss came in so I have to pick it up again later. So far, I like it :)

  3. There you go! That's the way to kick some slacker bloggers into gear. Thanks for the promo. I'm including you in my Super Blog Sunday post on 2/5 on the A to Z Challenge Blog. Welcome to A to Z!

    Tossing It Out

  4. Thanks, Arlee! I look forward to reading your's as well as the blogs of others partaking it the challenge.I'm excited. A few other people have seen my posts and told me they are going to try it too.

    I just checked out your blog and noticed it was your birthday!I hope you have a great day:) I look forward to reading more from you. Also, thank you for using my post on SUPER SUNDAY. The more people that get involved, the better!


  5. Nice promo for our challenge! Glad to have you on board. I'm in the process of answering your email, so talk to you soon. You had me at "sarcasm is my true medium." My slogan has been, "Sarcasm is my superpower."

    Tina @ Life is Good

    Co-Host of the April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge

  6. woooo-hooo!

    thanks for the shout out.

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    A to Z Co-Host
    IZOMBIE: Visit the Madness

    1. Hey Jeremy!

      No problem. I am looking forward to the challenge.